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Hello you guys! I'm dougjohnson; if you've been around the fishing community we have probably talked before. And I'll be your fishing moderator for these next few months. I want to thank mcgraffy for doing such a good job the last few, and I hope I can do just as good a job. The fishing community has got lots of new members but there aren't too many of us giving each other advice so one of my goals is to get people really talking! We all love to fish, so let's talk about it some more! Additionally, I think we should get some more fly, ice and kayak fisherman in here. I'm mostly a bass guy but I dabble in other areas and I know some guys and gals like @yakwithalan and @happyrock would love to have more friends to chat with. Let's have a great quarter together, and get to fishing! @ryan88argo @MichaelPhillips @mcgraffy @yakwithalan if any of ya'll are interested in being community staff, just message me and we can see what we can plan together. Thanks and tight lines.
@mcgraffy @yakwithalan @happyrock I'll message you all now.
Sad to leave the position but I know you'll take good care of it! I'll message you as well about helping out....i think with me you and @yakwithalan we could do real good @mcgraffy
Great to see ya! I'd be happy to help...I'll send you a message later today.
@dougjohnson I don't think I'll be able to officially be staff for you (I'm moderator for hiking this quarter) but I'll be glad to comment around and still post some fishing cards when I can. Good luck to you!
Congratulations @dougjohnson! And I have to say, the image you chose for your card is very funny!