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James Harden admitted that "at times, my defense was pretty bad." Harden was sincere during the Rockets media day but hopefully he is not just saying empty words and he has really worked on his defense this off-season. While the Rockets will no doubt make the playoffs, without Harden playing defense they can only get so far. Really hoping he has improved.
@goyo as for the long 2 vs long 3, even if you shoot the long 2 at 50%, in the long run it's just not as good of a shot compared to a 3 at 40%. I expect Love will get many more open looks now. Another reason the 3 is so important is it gives the opponent even less space to take up in the key so Kyrie and Lebron can knife their way in there at will. And David Lee's far 2 pointer last year disappeared. Really put a hamper on their offense although it was reported that during the offseason he has worked to fix it.
@goyo Bosh was a great defender unless it was a big bruising center in which he was usually overmatched. I would be shocked if Love didn't get at least 10 rebounds a game unless its because he has to play so few minutes because they blow opponents out or because the team won't miss as often so he won't have as many opportunities or because Lebron will gobble up 5-7 boards a game (but I expect this to be made up for on the defensive end).
@rockethakeem I think people really underestimate Bosh. he is a ferocious defender, something that is really lost... I also don't think that Love will be bringing down even close the same amount of boards in Cleveland. I heard so many rumors that he really pouted if he didnt get his stats. Personally I think too much is made of the long 2 vs the 3 thing. that argument is legit if his shooting % drops because of that but actually Lee has been consistently around 50%. I am not saying Love is a terrible player, but I really do not see him being at top 5 player. Personally I would have preferred keeping Wiggins
@Goyo well considering that KLove can launch the 3 instead of taking David's long 2's, in today's NBA I would say that is a huge difference. I know people argue that they are both terrible rim defenders and that KLove only gets those numbers because he plays on a poor team but you can't get 20/15 if you're a bad player. Also KLove's outlet passes got the TWolves like 6 free points per game. Is love top 5? maybe but he is definitely top 10. If Love can play C in Cleveland I'm pretty sure they will be unstoppable. He is Bosh with a better 3 and better boards.
@Rockethakeem I really think that he is one of the most overrated players in the league. I think its so laughable that people refuse to admit David Lee is pretty good, but think Love is a top 5 player... I can't understand it considering that they are basically the same type of player... Love, of course, is better, but by that much???
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