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Heading to South Korea for your honeymoon? This is your chance to “picture” yourself in a Korean drama. There are many photo studios in Korea that can turn your love story into a drama. Studio Wonkyu is a personal favorite. They have 4 different studio with a unique theme for each “Noblesse, Seoulgraphy, Difference, and Masterpiece.” Each theme has different shooting techniqwonues and styles. Noblesse is a lovely and playful style that will remind you of a romantic comedy Korean drama. Seoulgraphy focus on behind the scenes, emotions, and details of the wedding. This is for those that wants a documentary style of their wedding ceremony. Difference presents a light and elegant style that fit right in a Korean fashion magazine. Finally, Masterpiece is a more luxurious and high-end style. What I like about Wonkyu is their variety. They have worked with celebrities and foreigners, so professionalism and language will not be a problem with them. In addition, there are currently 8 branches in Seoul located at Daegu, Gangreoung, Jeonju, Pohang, Wonju, Chungju, Gwangju, and Cheongju.
@pixiedust Yes they are!
What a fascinating idea! Are the pictures you have representation of the different styles?