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An undercover police officer in Florida pulls over a cyclist for riding in the middle of the road, something that is not illegal in the state of Florida nor the rest of the 50 states. The officer proceeds to say that he "doesn't care if it's safe or not". I understand the officer just wants to deal with the complaint, and doesn't want to have to keep telling the cyclist to get out of the middle of the road. That doesn't change the fact the officer either doesn't know the law or doesn't like it. Florida law states that cyclist must travel on the far right of the road UNLESS the lane is too narrow to allow two vehicles to operate. This minimum width is 14feet wide.
Shamefully ignorant.
The cops should ride a bike to understand plus the police should cut down his fat contents.
Hi! I had exchange some info a while back... I'd like to use this as part as our ARTcycle 2015 exhibition in Miami, an organization promoting biking and safe riding thru the arts. ArtRespectTolerance. We'll have a series of bike-related artwork with over 30 artists. Please contact me so I can include this video and get your credits on the piece.
Look at the belly on this guy! He needs to get a bike and rid that belly away... I'm overweight to but have lost over 20lbs riding my bike 4 to 5 days a week.