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Honeymoon destinations have always interested me. I haven’t traveled much in my life, my husband and I took a simple (but thoroughly enjoyable) road trip the week after our wedding, so hearing stories of the far off locations some people visit to celebrate with their new spouse always captures my imagination. According to a recent study on Facebook these are the top ten honeymoon locations from 2014. Not surprisingly, nine of these ten are beaches. Who wouldn’t like to relax on a beach listening to the ocean with the one they love most? I may not have visited most of these places yet, but seeing this list I’ll definitely be adding them to my travel bucket list! Top 10 Honeymoon Locations in 2014 ● Las Vegas, USA (been there!) ● Lahaina, USA ● Honolulu, USA ● Playa del Carmen, Mexico ● Cancun, Mexico, ● Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ● Montego Bay, Jamaica ● Antalya, Turkey ● Castries, St. Lucia ● Gramado, Brazil
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Turkey is jst awesome
@vixo oh is it? I've never been but it sounds absolutely beautiful!
Yaaa it is i visit there 2 times on vacattions jst amazing
there is no Thailand in the list! how could this be? and no Maldives!
@inTropics oh gosh those are wonderful additions! The article is just based off of data from facebook but I'm sure lots of people honeymoon there as well!