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i was always scared to turnoff the lights at night..i i used to run to my bed before a hand could clutch me!!
@relinashinee.. my brother was the same when he was a he loves to scare me @reyam yes..when in hostel i think twice before going out at night..and i can see the roof from my window..and its eerie!!
@neaa me 2 i already sleep with light off but if i woke up at night i dont know why i feel afraid maybe cause my room has a lot and big windows ,kkk but its good that i am not alone kk and please dont talk about hostel corridor cause all the crimes happen in it so scary kk
lolz, dat is soooooooooooooooooooooo my brother, lolz :)
@Reyam..really? now i've somehow become a little better.. i don't get scared while turning off the lights..but the hostel corridor still scares me.. i just make a run to my room
not only childhood ,,a week ago i wake up in maybe 4am and it was so dark i just sow all the monsters in horror movies kkk