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These specific areas hold onto the scent of your perfume longer and allow you to smell lovely longer! You do not need to cover yourself in perfume - just a dab in each place will keep you smelling fresh without wasting perfume :)
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spring on your hair would change the colour of hair in time
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wow that was dark, dose all perfume do that or is there a certain type of chemical @esha
3 years ago·Reply
okay thanks, I safe though cause I mostly use Arabic perfume which are manly oils but sometimes we get this sprays which are mixed with other perfumes or chemicals I'm not really sure. @esha I'm really grateful for your help but if you don't mind can you please tell which chemicals that I'd have to keep away from. bless you and thank you very much.
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I am not familiar with the chemicals in perfumes that are so toxic. Are the synthetic compounds listed on perfumes? I am really fascinated by this.
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