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If I open my eyes, it seems like it’ll go away I hope it’s a dream I won’t wake from Because it feels like we can touch If I hold out my hand a bit more Words I want to tell you, words that weren’t finished I want to let you listen to my heart * Can’t you wait one day for me? Can’t you come to me for just one day? Can’t you come to my arms for one day? Just until I can cry and get exhausted Just until I can let you go – just one day When I hold out my two hands, you grow farther away Every day, I look at you from here And I secretly shed my welled up tears NOW: READING THOSE LYRICS, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE END OF THIS DRAMA?....
i think they probably will have their happy ending in the heaven maybe?? hope so <3
mah boy....
lol.. wish there was..but more than that a way to contact the drama people!!
:D :D :D
we have to ask Vingle about some chat facilities....especially for you and nylamrehs :) (sometimes)
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