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A. Can u believe it? Finally! A concealer that is for acne prone skin. If you have acne problems, like myself, it is always frustrating because of course we need to cover it up and also I HATE IT because when I use concealers to cover it up and it just makes make pimple even bigger and worse. But this smart product has an ingredient in it that helps with the calming of our acne. WOW! so when I put this on my pimple, I don’t stress and after I put it on and leave it for awhile, it reduced the size and redness of my pimples. B. I also love it that it’s for all skin types. I have super sensitive skin so some concealers irritate my skin and it stings a lot. Acne prone, sensitive, oily, dry, combination, or normal! This concealer can be used to give your skin a flawless complexion whenever your skin needs a boost! Enjoy the best non-irritating, non-pore clogging concealer for all skin types! C. And with all these goodness, it covers well! Basically a concealer should cover well right? That’s their main job and with all these fabulous things, it covers my pimples and acne scars very well not to mention the redness around my cheeks. AND oh man not to mention dark circles. EUNICE’S SECRET TIP 1. Sometimes when I forget my concealer at home and I’m saying DARN IT! I make sure to check if I have my BB cream with me. And usually I carry my BB cream around and I feel like THANK GOD! Because my little secret tip is using BB cream as a concealer. HUH? HOW? right!?! So all you need to do it put a very thick amount of a little chunk of BB cream on top of the mark that you want to cover and leave it until it dries completely. Usually while waiting I fix my eye or lip makeup. So after about just 3-4 minutes, it dries and it does the job of a concealer. Then you just dap it a few times and spread the outer part so then it can blend it really naturally with your makeup^.~ TRY IT! 2.For those of you with DRY and thin skin like me, combine the concealer with your face lotion so it doesn’t look so dry and cakey! 3.For the most natural look, apply concealer BEFORE your foundation (this works for some and doesn’t for others so try it!) on your pimples, blemishes, etc.
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Makeup trends for 2019 !
Hi friends ! :) I brought make up trend ideas here!!!! With each new year, it brings a new wave of trends in all areas – but makeup is an ever-changing field that brings with it new and exciting (and perhaps even a bit bizarre!) styles, tips and tricks for you to reinvent yourself in 2019! (1) Glass Skin If you’ve ever seen someone with glowing skin that looks as if they’ve got a natural radiance to it, it’s possible that they’ve been won over by the ‘glass skin’ trend. A Korean beauty trick which has spread to the rest of the world which is leaving skin looking stunning, healthy and glowy. (2) DO YOU EVEN WEAR MAKEUP? If you’re not one of those people that wants to lose an extra half an hour to an hour of sleep just so that you can do your makeup in the morning, then 2019’s no makeup look will make you one happy bunny. Minimal makeup that is light, makes you look as if you’re not wearing anything while still looking effortlessly flawless is now in! Wave goodbye to the heavy contour, the thick baking, and the smokey eyes – looking like you’re wearing no makeup is now in and it’s here to stay! (3) Bold Lips If you’re reading this article and you’re someone who likes ‘extra’ makeup, don’t worry! It’s not all leaving us – yes, you might see fewer people contouring their cheeks but the one thing that people are clinging onto are bold lip colors. If you match this with a more natural base for your makeup, then it will make even more of a statement. (4) Colorful Mascara Colored mascara is back in – yes, all you 80’s kids who loved slapping on some bright blue mascara then you’re in luck. As most things do, this trend has come back into fashion. Using some colorful mascara adds a little something different to your makeup look that provides the same effect as a bold lipstick – it adds a pop of color to your look and makes you look extremely put together without having to put too much effort into it.