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Creating succulent seashells is easy, and fun! You'll want to use small sized succulents for this. Since succulents need good drainage, put some pebbles in the bottom then fill with light, sandy soil. 1. Gently place the plant in the shell, and use a chopstick to arrange the soil around the roots. 2. Add a bit of water to the roots (avoid watering the leaves of these plants). CARE: :: They need very little watering, but be sure to give them some in hot, summer months! :: They enjoy bright light, although some succulents do not like direct sunlight. If the plant begins to turn white, move to a bright area without direct sunlight.
What a great idea! I love succulents!
@GetFitwithAmy They're definitely stubborn little plants, which makes them great for those weird containers! @sophiamor I bet they would :)
So cute! These would look so great on my kitchen window sill :)
I love these so much! I love that succulents can thrive in so many interesting places.