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You can create a beautiful winter flowering basket in just a few easy steps! Using plants like cyclamens, winter-flowering violas and some evergreens, you'll get nice color! In even colder climates, adding evergreens that have berries will enhance the color even further. ::When to Plant: Early autumn ::At Its Best: Autumn to early spring ::Time to Complete: 1 1/2 hours ::Materials Needed: hanging basket liner plastic bag wide, low pot scissors potting soil newspaper small plastic pot watering can Skimmia japonica 'Rubella' heathers (Erica) cyclamen winter-flowering violas small ivies ::Before You Plant Stand the basket on a wide pot to keep it stable during preparation. Then add a specially made basket liner. ::Cut Out Planting Holes Lay a circle of plastic bag over the bottom of the liner to act as a reservoir. Cut out a few evenly spaced crosses around the sides of the liner. ::Add Ivy Around the Edge Add a layer of potting soil to the bottom. Wrap paper around the root ball of each ivy and push them through the holes in the sides. ::Plant the Top and Water Add the plants and fill in around them with more soil. Firm them in. Place a small plastic pot near the center to act as a watering reservoir. Water into this pot to make sure it reaches the plants' roots.
Just wanted to come let you know I gave this a try, and it looks beautiful! We'll see how it lasts! @TheGreenThumb thanks!
@yakwithalan Thanks! Glad you find this tutorial helpful.
Very nice tutorial: I've never even though of making a winter specific basket so that it's able to survive. The plants still have to be pretty hardy to make it though, right?
Thank you! There are some plants that can make it through the winters, but this basket will definitely help those tht are slightly less tough get through.