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Have old, worn out hoses laying around? Don't just through them out! With a few hours and the help of some zip ties, they can be turned into a fun rug! Here's how to: 1. Gather your hoses and zip ties. 2. Start to bend a hose and zip tie into thicker sections, bending it around and around as you go. 3. Once you get a solid center for your oval or circle, cut the hose and start adding another colored hose! 4. As you go, do not to pull the zip tie to tight. Just enough to hold the hose securely to the previous row. 5. Put the zip ties as far apart as you'd like: it will change the final look! The average shown is about 4 inches apart. 6. As you continue, it'll take some time! If your hands are getting tired, use needle nose pliers to fasten the zip ties. 7. Clip all the ends! This final product was made with 4 different hoses; but you can do all sorts of custom variations!
This is an awesome idea!! I wonder what it would feel like under your feet?? @sophiamor My grammy made those, too! I wonder if they could be made with a similar tecnique; and maybe string instead of zip ties?
Whooooa. This is crazy. I bet this would be a good outdoor rug considering how durable waterhoses are!
My grandma used to make rugs that look like these from old sweaters, but now I can make my own for outside! How cool!