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Are the ends of your indoor plants getting brown, and making your plant look like it's dying? You could have a salt imbalance! There are salts in your water, soil, potting mixes, plant food, and more! Plants need salt to grow, but the salts can build up in the soil, and then the leaf tips, causing the plant tissue to die and brown. Besides dead leaf tips, salt leaves other clues. If you see a white crust along the sides of your pots or over the surface of the potting mix, you have too much. How to get rid of it? 1. Wipe off the insides of the pot. Put your plant into a bath, sink, or patio and water it until you see seepage coming out of the drainage holes. 2. Let the pot drain and do it again. Don't worry about overwatering: as long as the pot is draining, you're fine! 3. If the plant still doesn't recover, repot in fresh potting mix and a new container. 4. Soak and scrub the old pot before you use it again. You can avoid this by watering until the pot overflows and then emptying the saucer so there isn't overwatering, and using high-quality mixes with the right salt balance!
I always thought that I was just horrible with indoor plants, but maybe its not completely my fault :) What good news!
@GetFitwithAmy Nope, it's probably not your fault at all!! Keep an eye out and you'll have pretty plants in no time :)