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GoPro has announced three new cameras, from $129 and up!! Finally, I think there might be a GoPro for more, and for those with all different budgets. 1: Hero4Black ($500) - "2x the performance of the previous model" - shoots 1080p resolution at 120 frams per second - 27K at 50fps - high resolution “cinema quality” 4k at 30 fps. - no screen (Hero4 Silver has one, with some drawbacks) - GoPro claims has twice the audio range of previous model - improved low light filming - easier controls - extract 8.3 mpx stills from 4k setting - 12MP photos shoot at 30 photos / s - faster wi-fi for GoPro App usage 2: Hero4 Silver ($400) - built-in LCD touch screen for framing - 2.7K 30fps - 1080p 60fps - 720p 120fps video settings (and 12MP, 30-photos-per-second still bursts) 3: Hero ($129) - simplicity is great! - camera for the masses - built directly in waterproof housing - 1080p at 30fps, and 720p at 60fps Which will you choose?
Now what do I do with my GoPro Hero 3+
@alark123 I decided to still not get one, actually! I don't think I'll use it enough.
@alark123 I actually decided to still get a 3 since they're cheaper, and still great cmaeras
I might get myself the hero, have you got one yet @happyrock ?