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After announcing their plan to produce a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that will air simultaneously on Netflix and theaters (http://www.vingle.net/posts/516253), Netflix has now announces a four picture deal with Adam Sandler! As I mentioned in my card about Netflix’s first foray into feature length movies, this is shaking up the industry. According to this article, it’s unlikely the Couching Tiger sequel will even air in theaters at this point (disappointing but I’m still hopeful for those independent theaters!) and now they’re bankrolling four Sandler movies. It’s unclear whether Netflix is trying to have the Sandler movies simulcast as they tried with Crouching Tiger. I’m not really a fan of Sandler’s movies, it’s a sense of humor that doesn’t really appeal to me I guess. It does appeal to a wide audience though and could solidify Netflix as a serious competitor in the movie production arena. So I may not watch the movies, but I’m interested to see how they do and what other twists and turns await Netflix.
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yeah I don't really like Sandler much either, but Netflix trying to do streaming movies is a really cool idea and I hope it works out c: