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it’s time! time for my reaction to the first Nightwing web series! First I want to mention that HOLY CRAP this is well done! I mean like sure a web series can look as good as a TV show but I wasn’t expecting that from something on YouTube and it seriously blew my mind how high quality everything was. The acting is awesome, the camera work is awesome, even the effects were awesome! Two big thumbs up from this nerd for that XD I also really loved that they gave you Nightwing’s backstory in the credits, it was very much shown and not told which was a really good idea. It’s a short amount of time and you can’t really TALK about a character’s backstory, but it’s still really important and showing it with comic book like pictures was a good choice Deathstroke is kind of an obvious villain for Nightwing, but honestly I don’t care even at all he’s such a bad ass that it’s perfect. What was also perfect was Dick, he’s got the humor and the darkness of the character down and it really FELT like Nightwing (plus he’s SO CUTE!!!). AND that’s it folks! I’m so excited for the next episode and just this series in general and I hope you guys like my reactions!