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Emma Watson is one of my role models in all areas of life. She's classy, intelligent, and driven, and I love her spunk! Her fashion sense has always been a little conservative, a lot classy, and always chic. She uses a lot of basics and loves to return to the same trust pair of shoes (she's worn the same pair of Prada pumps for five years.) She sticks to a blue, brown, black, and white palate with the occasional colorful piece to spice things up. She is a lover of layers and says she feels most comfortable in a jacket or cardigan. While she does show some skin on occasion, she is known for being happy that her body is not what got her her fame. She's also not afraid to run out of the house in jeans and a t-shirt, even if there will be a hoard of paparazzi waiting for her. Check out the pictures I've attached for more fashion inspiration and be sure to visit the site to see a break down of her outfits :)
You're right @kristenadams What I like most about her is the fact that she is so simple and classy :)
She's an inspiration. Always looking fabulous even in basic tees.