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We've all had those cravings, be it a candy bar, some greasy foods, or even certain fruits. But what exactly triggers these cravings and what can we do about it? I was always under the impression that food cravings were purely a mental thing and if I could distract my mind, I could change my taste buds. According to a new study from UCSF and Arizona, it is actually the bacteria found in your gut that is making you want those french fries. Each kind of bacteria in our bodies have certain preferences such as heat, and nutrients. These bacteria can manipulate your entire system to crave certain things, including food. So what can we do about it? The good news is, the bacteria in our bodies is heavily based on what we consume, and are able to change based on our own diets. With less than a week of clean eating, your bacteria will change to no longer feel such strong cravings for non-clean foods (greasy, fattening, etc) The longer you eat well, the less your body will want bad foods. Work together with that bacteria in you and stop blaming yourself for all of those cravings!
that's cool, eat what will benefit your body not the things that will harm your fresh and stay fresh
I haven't had cravings for sweets or chocolates in years..
That sounds interesting. So, I'm craving veal chops.. 馃槈
ilike this
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