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If it is broken fix it broken hearts go tic, tick tock until they start again. Start my heart again keep it warm like a Bill Cosby cardigan, cause it, my heart... goes tic, then tick, tic ...toc. It is completely broken, breaking, and shaking on the kitchen floor at the kitchen's door leading to the porch where someone could accidently break my broken heart with their feet, silence.... I hear the dripping from the sink, so I think the sink is broken or maybe someones drinking, I am thinking that there may be others broken to broke themselves to fix me. I once loved and was loved, now I am not, I sit in whatever place she fits me, me... and my heart that now tics, with no tocks.
The rhymes in the longer lines (thinking, sinking) feel like they are spilling out faster than you can write them. I like the feeling of it.
"like a Bill Cosby cardigan" okay that part made me laugh so hard XD I really love this piece as well, though!
I love this. it really speaks.