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Do you remember when you were a kid, and even something as simple as candy made you happy? It was a different kind of happiness, wasn't it? It was pure and limitless happiness caused by the beauty of something so simple. Is it even still possible to feel that way now? To have something so small and so insignificant cause you such pure happiness? Seems like the more we grow up, the further we get from simple, unbridled, pure happiness. Maybe it is because being part of society, any society, means that we must make small concessions to fit expectations. Well, that is a bit sad, isn't? So, we created Vingle to restore people's ability to love. Yes, we must study, we must work, and yes we must pay bills, but those are things that you do. Our life should be more than that. We believe that love, desire, and passion infuse energy into our daily lives. We hope people join us and start to find what they like, or love because that is the reason for Vingle. At Vingle, you don't have to be lonely just because those around you do not share your interests. At Vingle, boundaries, of all sort, matter not, because at Vingle, you can meet people, with your interests, from all over the world. Here's how you can help us. Please leave what you want to tell people who have not yet joined Vingle. We will put it on the Sign Up box with your name. :) PS. Check "Vingle's Inspiration" card if you haven't yet.
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love is blinds
5 years ago·Reply
of course with out love there is no earth and earthlings how do u think your life can go on without love DONT YOU KNOW THAT LOVE IS EVERYWHERE
5 years ago·Reply
Without love there is no life
3 years ago·Reply
life is nothing without ... love ?>.... or feelings unexpress is useless....^...^
3 years ago·Reply
thanks for liking my comment...but what is love really? is it passion, desire or compassion? Loving someone is not the same as spreading LOVE, but to reach out, we must spread the word Love and compassion so that there will be peace and harmony to all.
3 years ago·Reply