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Do you always look tired even if you have sufficient rest? No matter how much product you’ve tried, does your acne still remain? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) facial analysis may help you uncover underlying symptoms of your skin conditions. This technique is not limited to improve your skin conditions. It can also be used as a tool to assess your health or to improve skin tone in general. Refer to the facial map to examine each zone of the face. Then read the guide below for explanations. Forehead - Acne in this area represent digestive congestion and possibly poor detoxification. Red, dry or flaky skin is an indication of dehydration in the digestive tract. Between the Eyes - A red patch between the eyes usually indicates poor liver detoxification and even heavy metal toxicity (such as mercury). Vertical lines means liver imbalance. Under the Eyes. Puffiness under the eye means your body is holding too much fluid or mucus congested. Try limiting salt, sugar, fat and diary intake. Blue or white circles under the eyes represents tiredness and exhaustion. The Nose - Blackheads usually represents poor stomach digestion and low hydrochloric acid levels. Red nose or broken capillaries around the nose means over drinking of heating liquids such as alcohol, coffee, and tea. The Cheeks - Pimple or congestion in this area means to tone down sugar, diary and process food intake. Pale cheeks means lack of iron in diet, whereas flushed cheeks shows poor circulation and too much consumption of hot food (alcohol, coffee and spices). Greenish tinge means liver congestion. The Mouth - White or very pale lips means low iron and poor circulation. Dry, flaky or wrinkle lips show dehydration. Cracks or sores in the corners are sign of low B vitamin. Red, hot or bleeding gums are signs of hot or over-acidic stomach. Heating food and drinks intake should be avoided. The Chin - Congestion in this area usually mean your body is eating too much processed food. This also indicates unbalanced kidney function or stress. The Jaw (and under the jaw line) - Usually hormonal influence, especially during monthly cycles. Cysts may indicate lymphatic toxicity and may be from medications, environmental toxins or highly processed food.
@danidee He sounds like a passionate TCM student.
My ex-boyfriend went to school for Chinese traditional medicine. He was always looking at stuff like this, even at people's nail beds too. It was really interesting, but man, did he LOVE analyzing people!
Such a useful guide! I never would have guessed that about sores on the mouth. Another reason drinking plenty of water and limiting salt are so important!