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This is nameless, please don't name it. If we stay silent and don't name this, if we fall into it, the world won't blame us. Shhhhh. It's a secret for us to keep, we hold it tight, it helps us sleep, it makes us fight, for more of what we never had before, so don't you tell it, the world may take it and pervert it. I prefer it stay between us, others around will not understand us, when I look deep into your soul it is there in a great abundance, so never once should you doubt it, truth is now that I have it, I wish to never live without it. If we never touch it we should not doubt it's existence. Shhhh, don't say it, we may cause this things extinction. So please don't say it, only show it, no need to tell, we both will know it. I do ____ you, don't want to say it, words are words, I only want to show it.
@greggr Thank you for your feedback..means a lot. You hit the idea of the piece on the head.
"This is nameless, please don't name it" I love this idea: striving to keep the peaceful bliss that comes from a relationship that isn't being forced into constraints. Free, and happy.
@AhmadBlack I only understood it because you wrote the emotion into your words so well: keep it up!