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feels like miles apart
this is so sad... you're together and close with your love but you feel that he's so far away.. did the love gone bitter? this should be a romantic scene but with their tension, their heartbreak, their love that cannot be, this picture shows sadness that is hard to explain...
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never heard..will check it out
5 years ago·Reply
it's a good drama...and here's the link: http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/love-letter/
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i will.. after my exams though.. i already have my sleeves full..btw i'm watcing ouran high school host club..japaneses..funny
5 years ago·Reply
i heard about ouran high school... haven't watched it yet... anyway, goodluck on your exam.....^^
5 years ago·Reply
it's still a month away.. but i need to spare some time..thanks :)
5 years ago·Reply