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There has been a lot of hype about the "new" social media network "Ello" as of late, and I got curious and sent an invite request, only to be met with an email that I would be on a waiting list. Yesterday, I read another email letting me know that there's just too many users to let more in yet, so I'd have to wait a little longer. And to be honest, I don't yet know what Ello is all about: but because of that, I'm sure curious. And I'm not the only one: according to some sources, Ello is receiving between 40,000 and 50,000 requests per hour, and with a site that had only 90 users in August, this is an insanely high number. The requests may be coming in quickly, but the invites are going out slowly. Will Ello flourish? At first, my reaction was no. The wanna-be Facebook competitor claims it will have no ads and not sell your personal information to ad companies to sustain itself, but the company already has investors, and it's hard to imagine what capitalist would invest in a social media network that isn't ready to capitalize on ads to make money. Still, RJ Metrics is here to tell us that we might wrong. According to their data (which won't be accurate for long, due to the insane growth of their site), the average active vs. nonactive users times on their site are comparable to Twitter, which shows that those who have made it to the site might be enjoying it. What do you think: can Ello be the next Facebook?
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@carlostkd Thanks, @TechatHeart actually got me one :) Any opinions on Ello so far?
@hykaymm still here have basic features and no chance to share posts whit other networks but i like the concept whitout publicity, clean network.
@carlostkd I like the concept too but it feels so empty :(
@carlostkd @TechAtHeart I agree; I can't tell if it feels empty for lack of users, or lack of features, though.
@hikaymm both haha. Although i remember thinking Facebook was empty when I was a myspace user...I guess we'll have to wait and see! :)