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Grow Your Own Avocado Tree From Seed
Planting your own avocado tree is a lot easier than you think. You don't need a lot of materials, space, or time. This project is great for people of all ages and can grow from your outdoor garden or inside your home. Here's how to get started: Directions: 1. Take a ripe avocado and cut it into 2 halves. Remove the seed from the center, rinse off with fresh water, and make sure there is no fruit on it. Let the seed dry completely. 2. Push 3-4 toothpicks inside the seed from all sides towards the middle. Place in a full glass of water so the pointy end of the seed faces upward, while the round part is in the water by an inch. 3. Keep the glass in a semi warm climate controlled place (away from direct sunlight). Leave for 4-6 weeks and check regularly to see if additional water needs to be added. Note: The seed will sprout a stem and roots. Once you see the stem is 6 inches long, cut it down to 3 inches. The stem will continue to grow and you will start to notice some leaves. 4. Take out the seed from the glass and move it to a large pot 3 ft. wide and 3 ft. deep. Add some rich fertile soil and compost to the pot and plant the seed. Note: The root of the seed should be pushed inside the soil about 1-3 inches, while the top half of the seed should remain outside the pot. 5. Place the pot where it can get good sunlight, water, and air. The soil should remain moist, but not completely saturated. Note: It's helpful to use a pot with good drainage. Pinch the top leaves of the plant every time the stem length increases by 6 inches to help the growth of the plant. *It's beneficial to start planting in the Spring. Also, if you don't want to plant your avocado tree in the garden, make sure to take your plant outside on a daily basis for sunlight and fresh air. It will take about 7=15 years for the tree to yield fruit, so be patient!
DIY Magnetic Tin Terrarium
- Gravel - Air plants, cactus or succulents - Moss - spray paint - magnetic metal tins - Dremel tool - painter’s tape - E6000 glue Cover your tins with painter’s tape before you begin spray painting the inside of them. Spray tins with 3-4 light coats until they have are opaque in solid white. While your tins are drying, remove the acrylic top from all lids by putting a small amount of pressure with your hands to pop them off. Measure the diameter and mark a line with a permanent marker. Using the diamond cutter tip of your Dremel tool, slice all acrylic lids in halves (you can also try different shapes or drill holes). Lightly sand the edges using a sander tip of your Dremel tool. Place acrylic tops back in the metal frame of the caps and glue both pieces. We also recommend dabbing the edges of the tins with a q-tip with glue to seal the lids to prevent the weight from the gravel popping out of the containers. It took one wall terrarium to splash gravel all over the floor for us to figure that out :) Once your tins are dry from spray paint, remove tape and wash tins with water and soap. Close all tins, now with open front lids. Add gravel, misty moss and air plants. If you prefer building a closed terrarium and skipping cutting the lids, you will need activated charcoal, which can be found in the aquarium section at any pet store. Air plants won’t work well in closed containers, so you may want to switch to ferns and small leafy plants.
How To Spray Paint Fresh Flowers
Since I can't get blue roses for my wedding, I looked into dying them blue, which can be done, but with limited success and too much labor and time. Instead, I stumbled upon this informational tutorial about getting the job done but with floral spray paint. Here are five methods for spraying fresh flowers for your wedding or any other use. Technique 1: Misting Hold the can 15" - 18" away from the flower when spraying. Move the flowers, not the can. Let it dry before adding coats. Tip here is to layer the color. Technique 2: Air Brushing Hold the can 20" away from the flower when spraying. Move the flowers, not the can. Here, you're just highlighting. Do not apply full coverage. Technique 3: Toning Hold the can 15" - 18" away from the flower when spraying. Hit just the edges of the petals to tone the flower. Don't completely cover the blossom. Technique 4: Back Spray Hold the can 15" - 18" away from the flower when spraying. Flat and wide single petal flowers are best for this. Mist the flowers ONLY from the back to develop deeper intensity. Technique 5: Tipping Hold the can 15" - 18" away from the flower when spraying. This works best for roses and carnations. Cup the flowers in your hand so just the tips are bunched together and exposed. After spraying, you will notice that just the tips are marked with color. If you've ever tried to dye your flowers and have found quick solid success, I would love to hear from you. My wedding theme is Tiffany Blue and as the new year gets closer to my wedding day, I still haven't figured out the flowers. HELP!! <3 Thank you!
Artificial Grass : Best Grass for Dogs
The grass provides an excellent ground surface for the dogs to exercise, hop, and run on. The grass is soft and normal, and it has no negative effects on the skin or health of the dogs. Grass provides comfort and satisfaction, which is beneficial to your dog's mental health. Some of the happiest memories you'll have with your dog will be of hours spent playing with him on a cool rainy day or under the warmth of a bright golden sun. Garden grass can stay healthy and soft all season if proper care is applied. However, due to the soft nature of grass, it may get damaged and take maintenance and time to recover. When there is a lot of pressure applied to the grass due to the hard jumping or running of dogs, the grass gets uprooted and the ground becomes muddy. The Most Common Ways In Which Dogs Destroy Lawns 1. Digging Dogs usually dig in the grass and soil when playing; it's a normal part of their play. This constant digging in the lawn harms many blades of grass and leaves the lawn muddy and dirty. Grass can be grown in the holes again, but daily digging degrades the soil's consistency and makes it infertile. 2. Dog Poop Dog poop in an open field, such as a lawn garden or other large open space. Poop contains some nitrogen, but the moisture and other harmful bacteria in it kill the soil microorganisms which keep it fertile and healthy. 3. Peeing Dogs urinate frequently during the day, particularly if they have free access to the yard. Dog urine contains a number of essential ingredients, one of which is urea. Urea contains a lot of nitrogen, but too much nitrogen will probably kill the plants, causing grass fields to turn brown and die. Lawn Grass can also be affected by Harsh Weather. On rainy days due to excessive rain, the grass and the lawn get muddy and in the summer, as the temperature starts rising, the grass starts getting dry. Natural grass requires proper maintenance, eg. daily watering, different cover for the rainy and summer seasons to protect it from damage. Artificial Grass In this fast-paced and competitive world, it is difficult to provide regular treatment for the garden grass and keep it safe. Having a gardener for garden maintenance can also be costly, adding another financial burden to your budget. The best grass is one that can withstand dog digging and play, as well as harsh weather, with no maintenance. I know you're thinking it's impossible to have damage-resistant grass that needs no maintenance. However, you no longer have to be concerned about the maintenance and growth of your lawn grass, as well as your dog's digging and peeing. Artificial grass gives your lawn the appearance of natural grass without any watering or maintenance. Artificial grass is usually composed of smooth, durable polymers that offer the same warmth and feeling as natural grass. The artificial grass is simple to clean and wash, and its color also does not fade. Artificial grass comes in a range of colors and sizes. You may also use artificial grass inside your home to provide relaxation to your feet and your dog. To buy the best quality and spongy artificial grass check out the sites like Shopify. Advantages Of Artificial Lawn The most significant benefit for your dog is a great way to play on an artificial lawn. When you pick a luxurious, spongy artificial grass, he will enjoy the sensation under his paws. Whether it's morning dew or a heavy rainstorm, your dog can play on artificial grass at any time and in any season without getting muddy and dirty. Generally, the artificial grass available on the market is recyclable and can be reused after recycling. It saves the environment, as well as water and money.