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1) Stars Falling from Sky 2)The women who still wants to marry 2 of My Favorite Kdramas that you probably never heard about but are definitely worth a watch 1) Stars falling from Sky a lovely story about a few strangers coming together as a family depending on the circumstances life throughs at them. 2)The women who still wants to marry a Story about three independent successful single women who still wish to get married but living in todays society the stereotypes they have to face and deal with. well I am busy watching animes and hollywood movies because korean dramas are loosing it for me. These 2 shows surely have heart touching stories with a sweet ending that you will surely love. I miss shows like these, I will surely comeback to Kshows when they once again start delivering heart touching stories to their audiences. Have fun watching :)
oohh the last drama of my baby shin dong wook. miss him alot
@sherrysahar, I have to be honest, I had to Google shin dong wook. yes let's hope he can find relief for his chronic pain.
I will watch both of them thanks for recommending
@dramacrazy yup definitely nd inshaallah he will :-)
@dramacrazy meee 2 i love it i can never forget it i think i watched it on dramafever when one of my friend recommended it was soo much fun every episode was sweet cutte exciting and i completely loved the cast i desperately miss it thgh sooo much its hard 4 me 2 go back to it after i learned abt dong wook oppa i always pray for him may god be with him and help him cure nd fight his disease ameen sumameen this show was surely one of the best thgh :-)♥
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