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No other comment (required)... :D :D :D
he is soooooooooooooooooo funny, but it's kinda true, well most of them are n some r just plain hilarious.... (^_^) gyaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
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hahahahah he really is so funny and what he talk about is in popular drama i think kkk i think its "you are beautiful...,& stairway to heaven&brilliant inheritance& dream high i think and of course boys over flower": kk
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yes... lols!! it had so much about autumn in my heart..and boys before flowers..
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u noe what he forgot... that usually the guy that has a good personality but the girl doesn't end up falling for, is sometimes their own bestiiies oh and also girls that are sassy are always dumb or actually just really durr sometimes when it comes to affection, e.g kissing... ^_^
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