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If you can’t beat em, join em? I’m guessing that’s the idea with this project to release a series of TEN games centered around biblical stories including David & Goliath. A video game based on the bible isn’t actually new, there’s already bible games on the market (not that I’ve played them but I know they exist XD ) but this is the one that’s in the news now and running a kickstarted campaign to raise 35k by November. According to GameSpot the Tornado Twins (the game devs) have just submitted the game for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita and have plans to announce for Windows, Mac, and Linux once Playstation signs on. I’ve seen and heard so many negative things about gaming from the religious side of things, so I kinda hope this does well weirdly enough because then more people would see that there’s more to video games that blood and violence.
This would be pretty sweet if it's kinda like Dynasty Warriors or something
@AgentCory ah, alright. I'll check it out sometime then, thanks for the info!
@pixiedust yeah, I haven't played any of them but there have been a few over the years, there's actually a full list on Wikipedia if you search for it (sorry I don't them off hand)
What a creative use of the medium, I never would have thought to teach religion using video games! There have been other Bible based games before this one?
@DanteL I hadn't even thought of that but yes that would be totally awesome! you get to build up your team of biblical characters, customize their skills, tactical battles XD that'd be so cool!