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It's been over a decade since we said goodbye to the cast of Baywatch in the final episode. The show may have been silly and even contrived at points, but it was enjoyable all the same and I loved it when it was on. Now so many years later Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has announced he'll be heading the Baywatch movie! Johnson will star in the upcoming movie, although no other cast members have been announced, and Paramount is set to produce the picture. It's hard to imagine Baywatch with anyone but "The Hoff" but if anyone can pull it off it's definitely The Rock! I'm really excited to hear more about this, especially who's going to co-star with Johnson.
@EightyNine That is what I am wondering as well
@EightyNine of course it is for you lol. I guess it's been long enough that people are ready for a movie?
That is the most important question
So who ar ethe girls?
@caricakes @AgentCory haha oh no you really thin kit's that bad? I don't know, at the very least I'm sure it'll be good for a laugh!
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