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Gilligan's Island is truly a television classic and I loved watching it with my family when I was younger. Here are some surprising and funny facts about the beloved show. ● The Coast Guard would often receive panicked telegrams from people who didn’t realize the show wasn’t real. ● Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) was the only cast member to receive compensation from the show’s syndication. ● Raquel Welsh auditioned for the role of Mary Ann. ● Gilligan’s first name, though never mentioned on the show, was Willie. ● The original pilot had a calypso theme song with different lyrics by composer John Williams, who later went on to pen the score to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Star Wars.
I've never actually see this >< oops but wait does that mean that the one actress was the only one PAID for working on the show?!
I find it hard to believe that people didn't know it was a show lol
John Williams is probably OK with the fact he wasn't chosen, now.
@onesmile it's so strange to think about because nowadays everyone is so skeptical they think everything's a show! Must have been a different time.
@amog32 he did go on to compose some truly beautiful pieces!