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See you guys tomorrow ~ +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start everyone :) it is in ad time. Anyway I will do my best today hehe like always I do. MR is running :) (ohohohohoho wonderful body) thinking about JH's changes. EG says let's meet together I will wonder about you. tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Yes or No? MR - When do we meet? just right after open the eyes? EG fights against JH just a warning not to doing this. JH says what relation between you and MR? EG says then what about you ? How well do you know him? JH slander MR like he attached you because of your backgroud. EG i don't care becasue I'm interested him. CC and MR tell a joke about how she is useful for him. Like I save you from you are in danger that with crazy dog. And I also save you with JH from stalker... gangnam style ~ yeah kkkk CC has an audition but she is really shivering...(how cute) She says give me one more chanceㅜnㅜ but fail the audition. CC-Hey girl Can you hear my song? i am a Carey, Mariah in Korea !!..But she is not good at singing also in front of the kid But in front of JG's picture, she is really good at singing. wowww That song is nice day singing by IU The girl keep watching.. CC says oops I'm not a crazy girl. EG's laywer, goes the MR's villege to find about JH's past. But already ANN takes measures not to do that. In the past The memory with JH. The elevator is only for executive team. So JH is really angry about that and protest about it to ANN. ANN is credited for President SEO. SEO asks a question about JH. Could I believe JH? What do you think about her? Ann says you don't worry about her. She is different from other women.. With MR EG'Did you wait much?" MR"No .. just 2 hours?" EG introduces JH to him. She will be a wife for my father. MR says I know her I heard that she was a reporter accusing about society's malicious things. but now I think you are not. At that moment. they run into SEO. SEO asks to EG" WHO IS HE?" EG"I am meeting with him now" At the dinner, SEO invites him and asks many things about him like who are your parents, or what's your job. MR says to him frankly. Our mom passed away right after she borned me. And i am working as a bartender. And I quit the university.. I got removed from a school register. What is the reason? just silence. They can't say anything. EG prevents him from asking that question. and get angry about him. because he married with JH who is similar age with his daughter. What about you? Then you know well about JH? What else ? Do you know about her past? Seo gets angry and goes away. MR and JH only two stay there. MR says let's do bargaining. JH asks him why do you do this? because of the revenge? Why did you do? MR the place you're in right now is not proper to you. So I bring you back. JH Then where? in that ditch? MR it is more than one deserves. Out of the building. There is EG. EG says it's been a slice. be happy...farewell hand shaking. MR says what about farekiss. Just call me oneday. Then let's do farewell kiss and then break up cool... Keep in touch that day :) CC and the girl who is sister of JG.(am I right? I don't know exact relationship between JG and YURA) She says maybe you like my brother right ? CC what? I'm not ! She carries a joke with JG's picture. And then she pretends to cry and tallks behind her. She says looking pretty is also crime ? ㅜㅜ(kkkkkk) JG scolds CC and then requires her to do apology. Yura does something sly. She says..Considering it... I think looking pretty is crime.... JG says I can't be patient anymore if you do this to YURA( that girl) again. even if you are a sister of my best friend. In the BAR. MR and JG are working in there. EG hears that SEO ordered that she is excluded all the tasks. Her laywer and secretary says self reflection is best way you can do. But she protest it strongly. everyone stops her.. The door is locked. so she can't enter the conference room. In front of the door. She says open the door right now. I'm a executive of this company. In the conference room. Taeson company faces about the problem, the shortage of funds to develop their company. Ann suggests him that disposal of Aomory resort. Ann also says JH is close relationship with Aomory resort's executitives. But EG tries to find way to tend a resort. actually that resort has memories with her mother so she resists about that decision. But the president SEO decides to take that job to JH. saying that we may have a plan that she will manage the company soon. In MR'S house. KIM HEE JU comes to him ( KIM HEE JU? I don't know her) CC says that for me, MR is really good brother but for other girls, he is a really bad guy. because of me... because of my hospital tuition. maybe the reason that he meets you is money. Kim hee ju feel shocked how could you tell that, he is your brother. But actually he is in Home. He heard all the things she said. He forgives all the things kkk How much I did to save you, I will not kill you that easily... To CC.KKK The phone is ringing. EG'tell me 10 characters who abandon all the things because of lover" MR tells 10characters such as princess PIONA, princess pyeong gang..gu jun pho and EG says I miss you MR supports her and EG feels comfortable about that.. At that Hotel. JH fights aginst with EG. She reveals her true face. I have a goal, where I really want to reach. If someone in my way, I will never forgive ..whoever..Don't be so frivolous EG tries to find the way that remove the disposal of resort. Because that resort is memory with her mother.. I will never give up.. JH prepares to sale that resort and meets executive people in that resort. In the morning. someone throws her away in the pool oh it's MR hehehe. Hey sleepyhead it's enought to sleep. Bring yourself. Let's go to win against everyone. Finish :) I will make a new recap for preview 5 with translation until then please just wait a second hehehe I will do that as soon as possible. Then see you next week everybody :) Have a nice weekend !
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