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Ep 12 with Eng Sub: http://www.vingle.net/posts/52623 Hi~:) Today story start with, EO went Choi Lord's home to check if there's the amulet's sign there. At the moment, EO tried to open door, JW asks him what he's doing here. What happend gonna next?! Let's see~ JW asks for what you came here. EO asks he came to see Choi Lord. JW says "This is private shrine for my family. Even if you are magistrater, this is none of your business. How about AR? I feel so familiar with her." EO says "This place feel so strange. I don't wanna stay here anymore. Tell your father, if you wanna talk to me, come to me instead of making AR in trouble." HR asks "Who's the guy?" JW says "He's new magistrater." HR gets so angry to Choi's Lord. "What the hell did you do? Don't do anything to her ever. If you do it again, you would be in big trouble." HR says to JW "I need AR to get her. Do you know what I mean? I'm gonna be in her body. You can't get her mind after all. Forget her." AR is worrying about EO and was about to go what EO's doing. EO sees the moment, comes and asks to AR "Did you worry of me?" AR says "I didn't. I have lot of things to do" Choi's Lord asks to his servant "You said when you tried to kill AR, you said there was someone who disturbed you. Was the person JW?" Servant says "Yes." Choi Lord asks "Did you check that AR is dead?". His servant says "Yes." Then Choi feel strange why HR said do not do anything to AR, cuz she's already dead. EO is thinking of going to Choi's home to find why there is sign of amulet. AR promises to help him. AR bring ghost to EO. She says they can help you best. They can go to any places which people can't go. And they can also watch Choi's behavior without being seen. But AR says this is not free. EO gotta help ghosts to solve their problem. EO says to AR "Why you said those promises to the ghosts?" AR says "I'm so sorry, but I just wanted help you.." EO says "Ok! I'm okay. Don't say anything!" SJ asks "Am I bad for kicking out Mu Yeon like that a long time ago?" YR says "We should have sent MY to hell at that time." EO came to Choi's Lord. Choi says "How dare you come here without permission?". EO says "Have some manners to talk to magistrater. I came here for my work." Choi asks "Work? What kind of work you have about me?" EO takes out amulet, and explains this amulet came from grave. He asks "How this amulet is in your home? This came from grave, but you wanted to hide truth of it. Why is that?" Then, JW comes and says "That is to protect our home just for luck. Every familiy used those things." EO says "Every familily have their own amulet, but it deosn't come from grave usually. I wanna know you gave this to you." JW says "I can't tell you. That's a long time ago before I was born. I don't know anything about it." After coming out, EO orders to ghosts to come in, but they can't go in. EO asks to AR, then she remembered when she couldn't see any ghost in the home. EO also says he couldn't see a ghost. AR guess the amulet maybe for stopping ghosts. EO says he gotta find way ghost can get in the home. EO asks to BW for making amulet which can help ghost to go in Choi's home. AR doesn't understand why her father wanted to make her get married with JW in the bad and strange familiy. At first time, AR wished JW would recognized her face, but after hearing Seo Lim's(AR's name when she was alive) story from him, I got a little dissapointed. EO gave Seo Lim's diary to AR. EO says all answer you wanna know about yourself is in here. JW was so much better fianc than your thought. AR reads diary. The diary says AR missed and thinks a lot of JW. In the past, AR passed JW. AR felt in love with him, and said to her father she wanna get married with him. EO asks "Did you read all?" AR says "I remembered the moment Seo Lim say JW for the first time. I felt in love with him and asked for marriage. It seemed like I thought the love was destiny. Btw why I remember those things? Thos memories is not related with my death." EO says "Last time, when you told me SL and AR is different person, I asked you 'wat are you talking about?' But now I wanna the saying would be comprehensible." AR wonder why EO said those things. EO recall AR's saying that don't like her, cuz she's gonna leave after two months. EO orders to his servant to recruit soldiers for magistrate. But they disagree of it. Then, EO threathen them that he knows they abused budget for country. BW finds a book which her ancestor wrote. BW says "I need the book to find a amulet. It's luck for EO can watch and use ghost. So he could see AR when she was ghost." DS knows the truth and gets so angry. He comes to EO and says "AR is ghost, am I right?" DS gets so angry and says "You're ghost, and you chase magistrater? Go! Don't walk away from him." EO stops him. JW thinks HR wanna get AR's body to live ever after. JW says "I'm gonna forget her." HR says "Good. You just go and find out what AR wants. Today full moon apeared. It seems like it's her destiny to die in full moon." JW tries to hurt her, but while he can't make up his mind, EO feels kind of danger. After all JW gave up and runaway. HR gets angry. JW says "I don't know why I feel this." HR says "That's because of love. I call it illusion cuz that's useless." AR says "Don't care about DS. I understand him. I think it would be better for me to leave ASAP." EO says "I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm also embarrassed. But I gotta do without thinking. You told me don't like you, but I like you. You told me you go to direction as you want." AR says "What is the relation with that? I will tell you honestly. I don't feel like you, so don't do that." Stopping her turning back, EO says "This is last time."
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