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Mozilla & the Ford Foundation just released that only 10% of computer science students are working for non-profits. The majority (70%) are going to the wealthy tech sector and Mozilla & the Ford Foundation see this as a problem. They have started a fellowship program with a budget of $4 million in order to increase the amount of software developers working in the non-profit sector. The name of the program is "The Knight-Mozilla Fellowships" and it's goal is to bring together developers, technologists, civic hackers, and data crunchers to spend 10 months working on open source code with partner newsrooms (source: The partner newsrooms include the New York Times, the Guardian, NPR,, Vox media, The Washington Post, and CIR. I think this project is pretty awesome! Advancing technology is great, but it is good to spread out the talent in all industries, not just at top companies like Google, Apple, or Microsoft. I really hope something great can come out of this! Link to fellowship website:
@csgeek so true! do you think cs students would join the non profit sector if they knew more about it?
something I never really thought about! most cs students really want to work at big companies, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, etc. This program sounds cool!
@TechAtHeart definitely! imma tell my friends about it :]