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I always wondered what the difference between these two. Also, which one should I use? Bottom-line: you should use both! LinusTechTips released a super helpful video based off the Lifehacker article about this topic. I currently use Malwarebytes for my anti-malware...and I used Webroot for a while because I recieved a free year and it was alright. Which software do you recommend?
@TechAtHeart, no system is bullet proof. The nature of Ubuntu (linux) does make it harder to compromise the system. And of course, most malware is targeted at Windows
@patrickballeux thanks for sharing the advice! no shame for being geeky! :) with Ubuntu, is there really no need for protection? is it just because most viruses are made for windows users?
On a more serious note, when I use Windows, I am cautious and activate all Microsoft securities like MS Essentials. Seems to do the job
I use Ubuntu... Yeah, I know, it's geek but I can live with it ;)