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In my opinion, this presentation isn't so great, but it does touch on some important techniques that can be used to help with language learning. When you really think about it, though, language learning boils down to motivation. In a sink or swim situation most people will learn just enough to get by. Once they have that, the motivation can dissipate. If you don't have a strong guiding reason to learn a language to fluency, you probably wont. Learning a language requires taking a lot of risks emotionally as well, and once again requires so much motivation and dedication that most people fail before they keep trying. I think key points we can take from here, though, is that you need to combine language learning with leisure. Watch a film in your target language instead of your first language. It doesn't matter if you only understand 20% of the dialogue, you can still enjoy the film, and the next film you watch, maybe you understand 22%, and so on. I really was bothered by him saying that Vietnamese is 30% Mandarin and 30% Cantonese, though? Vietnamese may borrow some words from Mandarin Chinese, but the tones and writing are very different, which makes it very difficult for even Vietnamese or Chinese to recognize these similar words. While I understand his point, I don't think he was explaining his techniques as well as he could have. Clearly, they worked for him, but they weren't very clear for listeners. TLDR: This presentation kind of sucks, but the tips aren't bad, but there are hundreds of ways to learn a language: you have to choose one that suits you!
@timeturnerjones The ultimate point he was trying to make...? I agree; but it could have been done much better.
His point about Vietnamese: I think that perhaps he meant more that you can recognize similarities and patterns, not that they are exactly made up of those components (surely, as he has learned so many languages, he knows better than that).
@greggr Oops, typo!
@greggr I agree, and I think that might have been the point he was ultimately trying to paste.