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Another great HK find. This time it was at a Garage Sale for, ready for this? .10¢! A whole dime! The only thing better than a great store sale is an even better second hand sale. I love the candy colors, the whole necklace looks good enough to eat. The pendant is classic Hello Kitty. I tried to find out which store this piece came from, but the lady couldn't remember where it came from. I am going to keep a look out at the local stores for it. Since I live in the middle of nowhere and there isn't much for shopping, I am going to assume it probably came from Walmart. The date on the back of the pendant is 2012. We don't have any Sanrio stores or anything of the sort around here, most HK items either come from Claire's Boutique, Walmart or random gas stations. I travel, so luckily I can pick up pieces for my daughter here and there.
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I want to get one for my daughter~~s2