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Dear Kelsey your tears shatter worlds but mine have been falling for 4 years Carelessly destroying my minds ongoing pursuit for explanation as I pick up the pieces of this shattered heart of mine I can't remember if it was self doubt or lack of time did you forget I have feelings too or was it a waste to feel for you with nothing in return and a sour taste in my mouth you left behind with you poisoning kiss your eyes, lips, hair, taste, beauty is something to miss your drug poisons my lungs as I breathe you in and kills within I am dead rotten cold my soul has fled to a new body to mold
thanks everyone. @Amye1 and @hikaymm
@DanielRivera no problem :) Looking forward to seeing more writing from you! You should make a collection to house your pieces :)
but none the less love
it's a poisonous potion, a cure to it's own disease. @Amye1
I'm sorta new to this whole shindig, so how would I do that? @hikaymm
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