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Arang and the Magistrate Ep 11 Eng Sub
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@cheerfulcallie.. thanks...^^ my eyesight got worse by watching these korean dramas.. hahaha, but i have no regrets coz i love them!! and btw, i noticed that you were gone for sometime...just saying..^^
@nylamrehs, aaawww thanks for noticing and you're right!! i have been gone for abt a mth now b/c usually im always here spamming , harassing and flooding "soula81's" cards w/my rambles (^_*)
hahahah.. i kinda gotten used to that and i like your comments on all the cards that reach my notifications.. wow, a month without vingle? how did you survived? lol... don't let it happen again...^^
hahahahah!!!....yes, ill try not too in the future...*blushing* glad to hear i was missed....honestly?? hmm, i mustve feel asleep under some large boulder somewhere b/c i cant recall why i stayed away so long?? yeah...its old age, see i forgot why?? when you get old you accumulate memory loss....well anyways, its all good, im back and poor 'soula81' is gonna have to put up w/me again....secretly, i believes she likes me b/c she has tolerated me this far :)
lol... memory loss? i can relate to that since i'm already old..haha..don't worry i think soula81 missed you too and loves/welcome all your comments on her card...