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I just read this interesting article over at TechCrunch about education in the US. David Liu, COO of Knewton, thinks we should be treating our teachers like software engineers. In Korea and Japan, teachers are payed well and have higher esteem than in the US. Because of studies that higher-payed teachers increasing performance of students, Liu feels that the US needs to be doing this as well. Tech companies give the best to their employees...high wage, perks, free food, etc. What are your thoughts?
As a teacher, I have always speculated about and wondered why teachers aren't treated with more respect: is it because our system is clearly falling apart, not growing? Is it because people don't trust schools? Or is it because people believe that the government should be the one helping them make more? I've found that teachers who teach are private schools are more valued, make more money, and earn more respect! I'm not sure we will see a change about this anytime soon.
Here, here @caricakes! This is a great read, @TechatHeart
I'm all down for paying teachers more! The baseball player that makes millions could be a great role model for a child but the teacher that makes 20k is the one who is going to have the biggest impact on our future!