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Truth of thr matter is, anything other than oxygen in your lungs is detrimental to your health. IJS
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I had a feeling! Hookahs are horrible for you too.
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Not good news for my guy friends!
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Hookahs produce a very thick smoke, they could be more dengerous.
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Hookahs are NOT electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). E-Cigs are a Harm reduction alternative to tobacco cigarettes and are a thousand+ to one less harmful than tobacco. Tobacco companies want to continue to have customers they can murder and plant negative stories about e-cigs, while at the same time buying up or starting cig-a-like companies. Smokers, if you can't quit, try vaping (e-cigs), you will be amazed at how quickly your health will turn around and the money you will save on healthcare and not buying tobacco anymore. Smoked for 35 years & will never go back, can't even stand the smell anymore.
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