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Just like passengers are allowed to rate drivers, drivers are allowed to rate passengers on Uber and Lyft. As of now, you are not able to know your rating unless you call customer service or ask your driver. I just found out about now I wonder what rating I have at the moment...
I never even thought of that! How interesting. I know that if you bail on a cab you get a mark on your record, but I never thought about how much more could be added to your account be others. Hmm.
I'm with @GetFitwithAmy on this one. As long as they are all appropriate 'ratings' i see no problem with it. Though I would like to see my own!
I feel like the majority of people using these services are using them as designated drivers. Because of this the passengers are probably behaving badly. I can understand why drivers would want to write reviews!
That's so crazy. My sister uses Lyft a lot. I wonder if she's annoying enough to get a bad rating ;)