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Get the finest family doctor service in Toronto

A family doctor is a person who knows you and your family's health history well and suggests you the best way to overcome health issues. He/she is a medical expert that can refer you to other medical care when you need it. If you are looking for a family doctor in Toronto where you can get the finest family doctor service for your entire family then contact Dixie Medical Clinic. We are the leading healthcare clinic in Toronto that have a team of medical experts who never let you down. For more details call us.
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Sleep Deprivation Among Malaysians in 2023
A recent survey revealed that nine out of ten Malaysians have suffered from one or more sleep disorders at some point during their life. Also, according to Amlife's inaugural Sleep Survey 2018, most people who struggle to get enough shut-eye blame their busy lifestyle or long work hours for not getting enough shut-eye. Furthermore, four in ten take more than 30 minutes before falling asleep on average. Sleep is essential for our health, allowing the brain and body to work optimally so we can be productive during the day, learn new things, and make informed decisions. Not getting enough shut-eye can lead to serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental illness. Studies have demonstrated that lack of sleep can have negative consequences on physical and mental wellbeing, with associations to conditions like type II diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Sleep deprivation is a worldwide public health concern in 2023 that impacts many countries including Malaysia. We will need adequate sleep each night in order to improve their focus, memory, and learning ability. Poor quality of sleep may also lead to other health issues like depression, stress, or anxiety; not to mention increased risks of accidents and suicide. Thus, it is vitally important to identify what causes sleep deprivation among us so that interventions can be put in place to combat it. Contact The Air Station Malaysia for more information about CPAP machines, CPAP therapy, obstructive sleep apnea treatment and sleep study test.
Invisalign Vs Braces: Making the Right Choice for Your Teeth
Invisalign and braces serve the same purpose, but a person tends to give a lot of thought before settling for either. Both are fantastic tools to fix your teeth' alignment and have specific pros and cons that one should be aware of. Many of you want insight on Invisalign vs braces to know what will work best for you. The following article will explain the pros and cons of orthodontic treatments, which will help you choose. Invisalign vs Braces Let us discuss the pros and cons of Invisalign vs braces. Pros of Invisalign The selling point of invisalign is that it's pure aesthetic. The advantages of these aligners are listed below. Transparent look As the name suggests, Invisalign is a transparent aligner for your teeth. It is invisible to the naked eye and highly demanded by all age groups. People are self-conscious about their natural smiles, which Invisalign preserves. Comfortable on the teeth Unlike traditional braces with metal wires, Invisalign is made of medical-grade thermoplastic. Thus, your teeth and surroundings are heavily spared from cuts and injuries. You may, however, feel the pain from your teeth adjusting to the shape, similar to braces. Hassle-free eating You can pull your aligners out while eating. It is usually recommended to wear your invisible aligners for 20-22 hours; thus, you can take them out while eating. Moreover, food gets stuck in your braces, which differs from the removable Invisalign. Fewer Dentist Visit Once you get an invisible aligner, you must go to the dentist only to check your progress. These retainers are shaped to sit on your teeth from the beginning and do not require further adjustment. Cons of Invisalign Only some things about Invisible aligners are great, and their drawbacks are further discussed below. Not for complex misalignments Retainers are a good tool for daily use and the correction of minor misalignment. However, when there is a need for complex corrections, the retainers could be more effective and are not a better option. Must be removed before eating These retainers have to be removed for drinking anything apart from water. It is also recommended to remove it while eating as the plastic material used in the making can be easily damaged. It can get foggy and stained from your food or drink, which ruins its purpose. Demands discipline You are required to wear your Invisalign for at least 20 hours a day which can be a challenging commitment. On top of that, you have to remove it while eating or drinking, which can be a chore for many people. In addition, patients who fail to comply with the condition do not get the best results. Pros of Braces Braces are no longer traditional as you might think, and they offer the following advantages. Works on any misalignment Whether complex or minor, braces work like a charm in orthodontic conditions. Their flexibility and usefulness still give them an edge over any alternatives. In addition, braces can be adjusted occasionally in case of multiple dental issues to get the best results. Better results In contrast to the Invisalign vs braces discussion, braces can offer perfect results compared to invisible retainers. Their design creates more pressure on the teeth, which progressively helps in the correction process. Braces offer varieties There are numerous braces to choose from as it has evolved from their traditional metal wires. The braces option ranges from ceramic to lingual, offering a non-metallic look many people dislike. Faster correction Braces treat your orthodontic condition faster than Invisalign. Many people prefer braces as they can release you from your teeth shackles faster than their alternatives. Cons of Braces People avoid braces due to the following drawbacks. Not at all aesthetic Braces do not remain hidden, which adds to a person's self-consciousness. As a result, some people opt for alternatives to having a natural smile in public. Makes brushing difficult Braces can make your brushing and flossing experience a nightmare. Therefore, you must put a lot of extra care into ensuring they are clean to avoid plaque deposits. Frequent dentist visit These retainers require frequent adjustments; hence a dentist visit is a must. In addition, your orthodontist needs to check the condition of your teeth every month and adjust your braces to obtain the best results. Are you looking to get your retainers done? Visit Grandview Dental clinic today for the best solution for your dental problems. We treat our patients with utmost care and respect while ensuring satisfactory results.
Sleep Deficiency, Sleep Disorders and more...
Do you have enough sleep? Sleep deficiency has been linked to a range of health issues, including mood, cognition and physical wellbeing, making it an issue that affects people in Malaysia and worldwide - both children and adults alike. Insomnia is the most widespread sleep disorder, affecting 10-30% of adults worldwide including those in Malaysia. Symptoms include difficulty falling or staying asleep, fatigue and poor concentration during the day. It's often linked to other medical conditions like diabetes, depression and Parkinson's disease. Nightmares are vivid dreams that often last long periods of time and contain repetitive, storylike imagery that seems real, leading to feelings of anxiety, fear or distress. They usually occur during the second half of a sleep episode and are typically vividly remembered upon waking up. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep arousal disorders are a group of sleep problems that cause partial awakening from deep sleep, often with sleepwalking or sleep terrors as an accompanying occurrence. While these arousals tend to be more prevalent among children than adults, they can cause significant distress or impairment in functioning. Bruxism is an irresistible habit of grinding or clenching one's teeth that may lead to jaw pain, earaches and headaches. Narcolepsy is a condition in which you experience sudden, but unwanted sleep at inappropriate times. This can cause excessive drowsiness during the day, often with driving or other activities. Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders are caused by an improper alignment of the body clock with the external light-dark cycle. This can cause ongoing insomnia and extreme daytime sleepiness, leading to significant distress or impairment in functioning. Consult your doctor or The Air Station Malaysia for a sleep study and sleep apnea CPAP treatment if you have sleep disorder conditions.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease is most prevalent among people aged 65 and older. However, other conditions can contribute to the development of dementia. Some of these include sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common causes of disability in Malaysia and worldwide. It can be diagnosed based on symptoms, including changes in thinking, memory, behavior, and personality. A diagnosis can help patients understand the disease's progression and treatment options. The disease is caused by a buildup of plaques in the brain. These plaques contain amyloid proteins. During the course of the disease, the plaques may accumulate and spread, leading to cognitive decline. In some cases, they also form tangles. Although there is no specific medication for Alzheimer's disease, patients with the condition may benefit from receiving reassurance through gentle touch and listening to relaxing music. They can also use support services such as adult day care. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that interrupts a person's breathing while asleep. This causes oxygen levels to drop and can cause brain cells to die. OSA increases the risk of several diseases, including dementia. Research shows that patients who suffer from untreated apnea are at greater risk of dying or having a heart attack. Research shows that sleep apnea can have a negative effect on cognitive functions. As a result, patients who suffer from the condition have decreased concentration, verbal skills, and attention. OSA has been shown to increase the levels of amyloid plaques in the brain. Researchers think that this accumulation may contribute to the progressive cognitive decline found in AD. There is a link in between obstructive sleep apnea and Alzheimer's disease. Consult with your doctor or The Air Station for more information about Alzheimer's disease and sleep apnea CPAP treatment with ResMed's AirSense 10 Autoset.
Abortion pill mifepristone is safer than tylenol and almost impossible to get Mifepristone could—but probably won’'t
Introduction If you're thinking about having an abortion, it's important to know that there are two drugs available. One is called mifepristone and the other is called misoprostol. Mifepristone (RU-486, MTP Kit) is the most effective drug for inducing abortions; the second is used to induce labor if there may be complications with a pregnancy that results from taking mifepristone. Doctors prescribe mifepristone at about the same time as if you were going to take a typical pain reliever—usually within 48 hours of unprotected intercourse or detection of pregnancy symptoms by a home pregnancy test kit. In cases where both partners have been sexually active recently, treatment usually takes place within 72 hours after intercourse or 24 hours after detection of pregnancy symptoms by a home pregnancy test kit." Mifepristone (RU-486, MTP Kit) is the most effective drug for inducing abortions. Mifepristone is the most effective drug for inducing abortions. It can be taken at home, but it's also given to you by your clinic staff in a doctor's office. Mifepristone works by blocking progesterone receptors in the body, so that pregnancy cannot continue to develop. It should be used as soon as possible after unprotected sex (with or without birth control) because later in pregnancy, there are higher chances that the baby will die if you miscarry. Mifepristone isn't just safer than tylenol—it's almost impossible to get! The Food and Drug Administration doesn't approve any generic versions of mifepristone because they don't know if they would be safe enough for use during early pregnancy when embryos are still present in your uterus and could potentially cause harm if taken by pregnant women who aren't ready yet for another child (or even just one). Doctors prescribe mifepristone at about the same time that you would take a typical pain reliever. Mifepristone is usually taken at about the same time that you would take a typical pain reliever. The drug works by blocking progesterone, which causes the uterine lining to thicken and form a barrier between an embryo and its mother’s body. Mifepristone takes effect within 10-12 hours after it's taken; this means that you will be able to have sex immediately after taking the pill. After taking mifepristone, your next period will begin within two weeks of stopping your last dose (which makes it possible for you to become pregnant again). However, because most women choose not to use condoms during their first trimester pregnancy and some choose not even wear one at all during their second trimester (the time when they should consider using them), there’s always the chance that this method won't work out exactly as planned either! It takes about three days for your body to expel an unwanted pregnancy after taking mifepristone. The most common question people have about the abortion pill is how long it takes for your body to expel an unwanted pregnancy after taking mifepristone. The answer depends on several factors: How far along you are in your pregnancy Your age, weight and health history? How much time passes between when you take the first dose of mifepristone and when your doctor confirms that there’s no fetal heartbeat (the last date that can be determined using medical technology). Abortion pills are safe, but they are not 100% effective. Abortion pills are safe and effective, but they're not 100% effective. The abortion pill is not 100% effective. Abortion pills are 100% safe and successful every time you take them. Abortion pills are legal—but that doesn't mean it will be easy for you to get one when you want one! A few women have reported side effects from taking mifepristone, including vomiting and headaches. A few women have reported side effects from taking mifepristone, including vomiting and headaches. If you experience any of these symptoms while taking the medication: Vomiting Headaches Nausea or diarrhea (which is common) You may want to hold off on taking your second dose until it's time for your procedure. If you don't want to wait until after surgery until you can take the pill, speak with a doctor about how much Mifeprex will affect your body and whether there are any other options available at this time that might work better for you. The FDA has approved two new strategies for safe abortion procedures--both of which use mifepristone as one part of the process. Buy Mifepristone Online, the first pill approved by the FDA for abortion, is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy. The drug is taken in combination with another drug called misoprostol that causes uterine contractions. Mifepristone itself does not induce labor or cause miscarriage but instead blocks progesterone receptors in your uterus so you don't get pregnant again after having one abortion. Women can buy abortion pills online without ever seeing a doctor or going to the clinic themselves. If you're looking for an abortion pill, you can buy Mifepristone online at a drugstore. It's not available on prescription, but it's legal and safe to use. People don't need a doctor's signature or signature from a medical professional when purchasing this medication. In fact, many women are able to buy it online without ever seeing a doctor or going through any other steps at all! But here's the thing: Abortion pills aren't 100% effective—the best they can do is induce termination of a pregnancy (i.e., ending its development). They aren't guaranteed to work every single time; if your body doesn't react well enough after taking them then nothing will happen except more pain and discomfort than usual until something happens later down the line—which could mean pregnancy continues even after its termination has been completed by using Mifepristone alone." Conclusion Women have the right to make their own decisions about whether or not they want to continue a pregnancy, and there are many ways they can do that. The most common method of abortion is through pills like Mifepristone, but women can also choose other methods such as having an abortion done in a clinic or even by getting it done at home. Women should never feel pressured into taking medication if they do not want to do so because it may not always be safe for their health and body system's needs.
Law on Family Matters for Expatriates Living in the UAE: Part IV
Introduction We have discussed personal status laws applicable to the entire UAE in the previous articles. We now shift our focus to the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, which introduced a new law, called the Abu Dhabi Law No. 14 of 2021 (Abu Dhabi non-Muslim Personal Status Law) and executive regulations under it. This law applies to non-Muslim foreigners and non-Muslim locals in Abu Dhabi and marks a distinct change in approach towards family law matters in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. It is noteworthy to mention that the new federal personal law for non-Muslims, Federal Decree-Law No. 41 of 2022, has been enacted in furtherance of this law only, and there are striking similarities between these two pieces of legislation. The following text discusses the Abu Dhabi law and some of its provisions. What is the New Law? Abu Dhabi non-Muslim Personal Status Law applies only in Abu Dhabi. While the key changes related to no-fault divorce, joint custody and financial rights of the wife will be discussed in detail later, some other notable changes brought about by this new law are as follows: 1) It has recognized the concept of civil marriage and gives equal rights to both men and women, irrespective of gender, which is similar to the western concept and is compliant with the United Nations Human Rights Declaration. 2) The non-Muslim expatriate is entitled to nominate his inheritance according to his wishes, regardless of the Islamic principles which restrict issuing the will to one of his heirs or giving the heir more than one-third of the assets. 3) It also does not prescribe any difference in using the witness statements of males and females. This is unlike the law applicable to Muslims in the UAE under which two females and one male are required if any witness testimony is presented before any family court. Equal rights are also given regardless of gender in case of inheritance.  When Can the Courts Apply This Law? Given the exceptional bouquet of rights provided by the Abu Dhabi non-Muslim Personal Status Law to non-Muslims, it is important to understand when the Abu Dhabi courts will exercise jurisdiction. Abu Dhabi courts will have jurisdiction if both expatriates are residents, or have their current or former place of work in Abu Dhabi. Courts will also have jurisdiction even if the defendant is a foreigner with no residence in Abu Dhabi but: 1) The case is regarding divorce concerning a civil marriage concluded in Abu Dhabi; or 2) The defendant’s chosen domicile is in Abu Dhabi; or 3) One of the defendants has a residence or place of work in Abu Dhabi; or 4) The wife is the claimant and is based in Abu Dhabi. If based on the above factors, the courts in Abu Dhabi decided to exercise jurisdiction, they may apply the Abu Dhabi non-Muslim Personal Status Law in the following circumstances: 1) if the applicant is a non-Muslim local; 2) if he is a non-Muslim expatriate, he holds citizenship of a country which does not apply the Shariah principles; or 3) if the non-Muslim concluded his marriage in a country which does not apply the Shariah principles; or 4) if the case relates to divorce or civil marriage concluded in Abu Dhabi. If any of the above factors do not exist, then even if the courts in Abu Dhabi have jurisdiction, they may not apply the new law. Divorce Proceedings One of the key changes introduced by the new law is the changes in divorce proceedings. Under the new law, a spouse can apply to the courts for a divorce based on a no-fault application. The spouse only has to show willingness for ending the marital relationship, without showcasing any damage or blaming the other party. The courts will decide this application in the first hearing itself. That said, the first hearing will take place after 30 days from the date of application, to give parties time for potential reconciliation. Conclusion What are the new rules on the custody of children? What financial rights does a wife get under the new law? We will explore these questions in the next and final part of this series. Disclaimer: The above information might not apply if both parties are non-muslim. Starting from the 1st of February 2023, UAE issued specific family law to be applied between non-muslim expatriate residents in case none of them wanted to apply his/her home country's law in the UAE. To know more information about this law, please feel free to click this link. https://www.professionallawyer.me/legal-articles/family-law/law-on-family-matters-for-expats-living-in-uae-part-iv
Dr. Maria Elena Kendall- Best Dermatologist In Florida
Dedicated to the study of dermatology and skincare, Dr. Maria Elena Kendall is a medical professional. She has spent 45 years treating people with a variety of skin conditions and is a subject matter specialist. She is now one of Florida's most renowned physicians in the medical field because of her hard work, which has not gone ignored. Dr. Kendall offers patients unmatched treatment and assistance for their skin problems as a board-certified dermatologist. She specializes in treating challenging skin cancer cases as well as acne, allergies, and other skin-related problems. She has seen it all and is able to give patients the best care possible because of her more than 40 years of experience. Dr. Kendall is aware that every patient is different and that every situation calls for a customized strategy. Her method is based on compassionate patient care, in which every patient—regardless of the seriousness of their condition—is handled with respect and dignity. Patients feel safe and comfortable with her because of her compassionate demeanor, which helps them trust her. There are many websites where one can read reviews left by actual patients who received treatment from her. All of these testimonials describe her skill as the top dermatologist in Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Kendall combines cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge tools in her practice to identify and treat skin issues. She is also knowledgeable about skin rejuvenation procedures that bring back the skin's natural attractiveness, including chemical peels, injectables, and microdermabrasion. In conclusion, dermatologist Dr. Maria Elena Kendall has a plethora of expertise in identifying and treating skin-related conditions. Patients in Florida and elsewhere have benefited greatly from her commitment to the subject. Dr. Kendall can help you if you need assistance with any skin-related problem.
Modernizing Small Practices: A Guide to Implementing Electronic Medical Records
Adopting and implementing electronic medical records (EMRs) in small medical practices can be daunting. Small practices may have limited resources and experience in technology, making the transition to EMRs a significant challenge.  However, the benefits of EMRs are well-documented, and small practices can leverage the power of technology to improve patient care, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Benefits of EMRs for Small Practices 1. EMRs can provide a centralized location for all patient records, reducing the need for paper records and physical storage space.  2. EMRs also improve accessibility, allowing healthcare providers to access patient records from anywhere via the internet. EMR can be especially beneficial for small practices with multiple locations or healthcare providers who work remotely. 3. EMRs can provide real-time access to patient records, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions about patient care.  4. EMRs can also reduce medical errors by providing automated alerts for medication interactions, allergies, and other potential risks. Challenges of Implementing EMRs in Small Practices Implementing EMRs in small practices can be challenging due to the lack of resources and expertise in technology. However, there are a few steps small practices can take to ensure a successful implementation. The first step is to identify the right EMR system. Small practices should consider the features and functionality of each EMR system and determine which system best meets their needs. Selecting the Right EMR System for Small Practices Once an EMR system has been selected, small practices should develop an implementation plan. This plan should include training for healthcare providers and staff and a timeline for implementation. It is also important to involve healthcare providers and staff in the implementation process, as they will use the system daily. Small practices should also consider the costs of implementing EMRs. EMRs can be expensive, and small practices may not have the resources to invest in a new system. However, there are options available for small practices, such as cloud-based EMR systems, which can reduce costs by eliminating the need for on-site servers and IT staff. One of the most significant challenges small practices may face when adopting EMRs is data security and privacy. EMRs contain sensitive patient information, and small practices must take steps to protect this information. EMR may include implementing secure access controls, regular data backups, and data encryption in transit and at rest. Finally, small practices should consider the potential for interoperability between different EMR systems. Interoperability allows healthcare providers to share patient information across different systems, improving collaboration and communication between healthcare providers. Interoperability can be especially beneficial for small practices that refer patients to other healthcare providers or hospitals. Conclusion: Why EMRs are Essential for Small Practices In conclusion, adopting and implementing EMRs in small practices can be challenging, but the benefits are well worth the effort. EMRs can improve patient care, streamline operations, and reduce costs, making them an essential tool for small practices. By selecting the right EMR system, developing an implementation plan, and ensuring data security and privacy, small practices can successfully adopt and implement EMRs to improve patient care and stay competitive in today's healthcare landscape. MedWire EMR offers several benefits to small practices, including improved efficiency, accuracy, patient care, communication, and cost-effectiveness. It streamlines administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments and managing patient records, reducing the workload for healthcare providers. MedWire EMR is a cost-effective solution offering a range of benefits to small practices seeking to streamline operations and improve patient care.
MBBS in Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Doctors
Are you an aspiring medical student looking to pursue MBBS abroad? If so, you may want to consider the Philippines as a destination for your studies. With its high-quality education system, affordable tuition fees, and excellent medical facilities, the Philippines has become a popular choice for international students looking to earn their MBBS degree. Here's everything you need to know about studying MBBS in the Philippines. Why Choose the Philippines for MBBS? There are several reasons why the Philippines is a top destination for medical studies. Firstly, the country has a well-established education system, with many universities recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). Secondly, the cost of studying MBBS in the Philippines is relatively low compared to other countries like the USA, Canada, or Australia. This makes it an affordable option for students who want to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors without incurring huge student loan debts. Lastly, the Philippines has a high number of medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics, where students can gain practical experience during their studies. This exposure to real-world medical scenarios is crucial in developing the skills and knowledge required to become a successful doctor. Admission Requirements To be eligible for MBBS in the Philippines, international students must fulfill certain admission requirements, which may vary depending on the university they wish to attend. However, some common requirements include: After class XII:  Student should have passed class 12 with at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Class 12 and passed English Should have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 11 Preference will be given to students with better academic credentials After class bachelor degree: 4-year MD (MBBS) course: Students should have passed Bachelor with science Student should have passed class 12 with at least Minimum 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in Class 12 and passed English Should have passed Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 11 Preference to students with better academic credentials Curriculum and Course Duration Was drawn up by doctors educated in Harvard Medical School, USA, and meets the latest international standards of Medical Education. Students after class XII take 5 years to complete medical education. Students with bachelor’s Degrees take 4 years to complete medical education. Pre-Medical: Students from India after class 12 first enroll in a pre-medical course for 2 years to get equivalency in the Philippines and be eligible for admission to the 4-year medical course. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree can be admitted directly to the MD course. The curriculum for MBBS in the Philippines covers a wide range of subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, and preventive medicine. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the human body and how it functions, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Tuition Fees and Scholarships The cost of MBBS in the Philippines varies depending on the university, with some universities charging higher tuition fees than others. However, on average, international students can expect to pay around $2,000 to $5,000 per year for tuition fees. Fortunately, many universities in the Philippines offer scholarships and financial aid programs to help international students cover their tuition and living expenses. These scholarships are often based on academic merit, financial need, or other criteria, and can significantly reduce the cost of studying MBBS in the Philippines. Career Opportunities After completing their MBBS degree in the Philippines, international students can choose to return to their home country to practice medicine or continue their studies in the Philippines or elsewhere. The MBBS degree from the Philippines is recognized by many countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, among others. The career opportunities for MBBS graduates are vast and varied, with many choosing to specialize in areas such as surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, oncology, and cardiology, among others. With a high demand for qualified doctors worldwide, MBBS graduates can expect to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in the medical field. In conclusion, studying MBBS in the Philippines can be a life-changing experience for aspiring doctors. With its high-quality education system, affordable tuition fees, and excellent medical facilities, the Philippines offers a great opportunity for international students to earn their MBBS degree. If you are interested in pursuing MBBS in the Philippines or any other country, Rare Education can help you with the admission process. As an MBBS abroad consultancy, we offer comprehensive guidance and support to help students fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your career goals.