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I've never exactly been a 'nature girl.' I've was born and raised in a comfortable suburb, only to move to an even larger suburb as an adult. The closet I get it nature is when I ride horses. I fell in love with horse riding when I was young and was able to convince my parents to send me to horse riding camp for four summers straight as a teenager. After posting a card about a camping date (,) I started to think that perhaps it is time that I finally step out of my manicured-front-lawn-comfort-zone and become one with mother nature. I did my research, and I think I have found the solution. Glamping. A more glamourous approach to camping, I will get to be close to nature but in very comfortable living arrangements. At Mustang Monument, I will be able to witness the beauty of the American plains, while sleeping in a queen-sized bed :) Mustang Monument sits only a short distance from Wells, Nevada, spanning an incredible 900 square miles of nature reserve dedicated to sustainable practices and the protection of wild horses. According to the site, "this is the place to stay for those who love the outdoors, but don’t want to give up a warm, comfortable bed to recharge their batteries after an adventure filled day." Sounds like the perfect adventure to me!
This looks so peaceful. I don't think I've ever actually seen wild horses before come to think of it.
Oh my goodness this sounds incredible! And it's even relatively close to me, I may have to talk my husband into trying this!
This actually sounds like so much fun! I'm not afraid of sleeping in tents on hard ground, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a nice bed like that :)