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It's that time again! This weeks episode was an emotional roller coaster for me so let's dive right in! . . . . . GOOD . . . . . ● I LOVE the idea of Kristoff and David being friends. I feel like it makes a lot of sense based on their personalities and Kristoff would have reason to travel as far as the Enchanted Forest and likewise David probably would have traveled to sell whatever it is they do on the farm to make money so it’s logical and cute and i love it. ● Emma and David having father daughter talks and Emma calling David “Dad” is simply too adorable for words. It also helps because I know JMo and Josh are good friends and really love playing into the father daughter dynamic so it feels really naturally even though they’re about the same age. ● Not talking about Mama Mayor yet (wait for it, it’s coming) but I loved that we had some time with Snow while everyone else was off solving the magical crisis she got to be back in down solving a very real world crisis. ● SNOW FLIPS A SHIT. That was probably Ginny’s finest acting I’ve seen, it was brilliantly delivered and wonderful and I loved every screaming second of it. ● ICE SWAN ICE SWAN ICE SWAN ● ICE ● SWAN ● Oh my good sweet lord Jesus ICE SWAN!!! ● Seriously though Emma and Elsa I think will develop a really wonderful connection and friendship. They have a lot in common but also compliment each other well which makes for a strong connection. ● Also Emma saying Elsa's powers were "cool"  ● Absolutely loved Anna knowing how to use a sword, it seems a little strange given how klutzy she is, but I don’t care that much it was awesome. Also her getting to teach Charming was wonderful. ● CHARMING. ● BACKSTORY. ● Yes it was contrived and weirdly delivered and all in all tropish but it was still really touching to have that moment. We never heard anything about David’s father before and I think it gads some more depth to the character. ● Not terribly surprised that Anna is the one who goes to see Rumple, but still delighted at more Dark One shenanigans to come! ● Poor poor Jared really hasn’t grown into his voice and his acting has gone from odd to down right flat but I still cried at his moment with Regina, it was well written I think just poorly executed but the writing was enough to make me cry. ● ELIZABETH FUCKING MITCHELL! MY QUEEN!!! I’m so excited I can’t even describe it, I just want the Elizabeth Mitchell show let’s be honest XD . . . . . BAD . . . . . ● Bo Peep. At first I was like “Who dat” and then I was like “Why are you bringing Bo Peep into this now whaaa?” and then I was like “Why is she a chav???” and then I was like “WHY IS BO PEEP A CHAV WARLORD?” Yeah I’m not loving it, it felt like a waste of a classic character, it felt really weird that she had that accent and idk it was just weird to me. Like it was all just an excuse to have a magic shepherd’s crook. ● Also idk how she’s a warlord when she has two soldiers and a gazebo >_> ● Granny and the dwarves felt really… I mean annoying obviously but also just like props in the episode. They gave Snow an opportunity to be pretty bad ass, but they were also just unnecessarily obnoxious. She had a point, everyone lived without electricity or even plumbing for years why are they complaining about wifi now? ● Mama. Mayor. HOW ABOUT NO? TAT BELLE FOR MAYOR GET OUT SNOW!!! ● Hook was, as always, extremely annoying and made me wildly uncomfortable. He just never stops being gross for me, even when he’s trying to show that he cares for Emma and being honestly concerned for her and caring it just doesn’t play off right. I’m honestly hoping they develop him more or something because the relationship is just uncomfortable to me as it stands. . . . . . THOUGHTS . . . . . ● I loved how episodic it felt. I did move the central plot for this half of the season along, but it was also self contained and more similar to season 1 which I enjoyed. ● Also part of that was almost NO Regina and nothing with Robin or Marian or anyone who wasn't connected to what was going on. Neither good nor bad, just something I noticed that was again more similar to season 1. ● Henry's acting as I mentioned makes me really sad, it's gotten so stiff and awkward but I still hope they continue to give him scenes and let me try? It might be weird to say that, but I think the more he tries the easier it will become for him. And that's all for today I hope you've enjoyed my reaction (literally, there were legitimate tears at several points I kept thinking one of the engineers at the office was going to ask if I was ok XD ) and will stay tuned for next weeks! Pictures from FarFarAwaySite.com 1. Please never use this god awful wig on Josh again I beg you on behalf of the fandom XD 2. Bad ass Anna with a sword ♡ 3. Queen Elsa 4. ICE SWAN!!! 5. ICE SWAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. Elsa being a bad ass using her powers (finally)