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Hunter Valley Gardens in Australia have a wonderful, storybook appeal in the midst of their lush gardens! Broken down into ten distinctly styled gardens that range from the Indian Mosaic Garden to the Formal Garden, this beautiful collection of flora and fauna is the perfect garden for families. Visitors can meander through the Storybook Garden to find colorful mosaics and characters from your favorite nursery rhymes. Compared to other gardens around the world, the Hunter Valley Gardens are relatively new. Bill and Imelda Roche purchased the property in 1997, took five years to grow and develop the land, then opened the gardens to the public in October 2003. The Hunter Valley Garden Facebook page claims that the gardens contain more than 6,000 trees, 600,000 shrubs and a staggering 1,000,000 ground covers.
@fallingwater they are about a 2 hour drive north of Sydney
These gardens are stunning; are they near any large cities in Australia? I don't think I would go there just for this, but I might make a detour if I'm already nearby :)