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This may very well be my favorite episode of Once Upon a Time yet! I may change my mind once I’ve had some time to come down from all of the emotions running around in my head and heart, but for now it feels that way. Positively inspired! Where should I even begin. I love the representations of Anna and Elsa. Anna is so strong and brave, and I know she’ll continue to help people through her travels just like she helped David! And while she may not realize it, I think Elsa is helping people too. She and Emma have so much in common I think they can help each other, especially when I comes to their magic and I’m thrilled to be seeing more of that in the future. Speaking of my favorite character I always love an Emma episode and today was no exception! Jennifer was positively brilliant at every turn: Playing the “father daughter” dynamic with Charming; doing her best to be a mother when she’s still learning; trying to help Elsa; all of it was inspired and wonderful. Little Bo Peep as a terrifying warlord was such a creative reimagining of the character and I loved that they made her strong and powerful—even if she was a bad guy! And this episode reflection would not be complete if I didn’t mention how trilled I am that Snow will be the (un)official Mayor of Storybrooke! She was a wonderful leader in the Enchanted Forest and I know she will continue to be a wonderful leader in our realm. I particularly loved that she had baby Neal with her at the power plant as she was trying to figure out how it all even worked! It was a wonderful contrast and in my opinion an homage to the working mothers of the world. Lastly I'm very excited to see how Mitchell plays into everything, as soon as I post this card there's also a promo for next week's episode "Rocky Road" that I will be adding. How do you think her character will be connected to the other residents of Storybrooke? She's being billed as a villain but if there's one thing we know, Adam and Eddy love to play with our expectations!