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[14/15 UAGL 5R] 알자지라, 대공방전 끝에 미르코 부치니치의 네 골을 앞세워 알아인에 승리!

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[Sense Soccer] Ability of Amateur and Pro
(I have been playing soccer and futsal every week, pic=Sense Soccer) While I am playing soccer, I realized many things. I would like to share learning points seeing people who are very good at playing soccer. Although Korea is small country, there are so many people good at soccer. I would like to analyze two viewpoints. The one thing is in small country, it's possible to have many competitive people. The other is how awesome pro players are. I have played soccer and futsal every week. Sometimes I played futsal through Plabfootball which is matching sharing service for people who want to play futsal alone due to they have no friends can play together at that time. Every time I was playing soccer, I realized so many people could play soccer better than I could. I want to be best player in the world. Korean population is about 50 million. Among this, I want to guess 10-40 generation can play soccer well in amateur scene. In addition, except women. They are not mainstream about soccer normally in Korea. Also, if I select only Seoul residents, a population playing soccer is decreased. I am not sure exact population but even though amateur, there are many people who are great at soccer. Actually, we can guess countries of EU, Brazil, Mexico, etc population are higher than Korea so there are more people can soccer well. From Oct. 2015, I was in Germany as an international student. I had played with my German friends, French and Mexican. I had thought EU and other continents are better than Korea. However, Korean can play and be competitive like other countries playing soccer together. (Although Iceland has a small population, they expanded to quarter final of 2016 UEFA EURO, pic=Yonhap News) As playing with them, I could be a best goalkeeper. The evidence is that my friends said to me a best player they had never seen before. So Korean can be competitive even though infra network is lack for soccer. I would like to talk about the other. Amateur can show amazing performance. What about pro? I cannot imagine how wonderful pro are. Also, pro are competing each other to win league title. Then among players, Lionel Messi and Son Heung-Min are really best player in the world. When I was a university student, I did interview my university's soccer players. I asked, "Did you play with amateur?" They said, "Yes. We played easily." They said, if they played seriously like real match, any amateur could not intercept. Although we cannot intercept university's player, then what about league players? (The best player in Korea, Son Heung-Min, pic=Yonhap News) Therefore, I really respect Sonny. Because he is best player in Korea now and top class in the world. He can beat amateur very easily. Other pro players may be same like Sonny. In short, like many competitive amateurs in soccer area, I think so many great people may be in each area. So now, the government and managers should find, care and develop them. They should not wait but approach to them actively. Moreover, although small country, amateur and worst appearance, we should not ignore. In addition, we should not overlook pro's ability. The government and managers have to help them maintain and develop their skills and capabilities. Also, they provide and make good environments for professionals. If they want to teach someone and contribute with their knowhow, organizations help them. With competitive amateur and pro, we can make society better place.