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Included with the personal account of writer Greg Hanscom, here is a handy list of five things you should do if you’re ever unlucky enough to be hit by a car while riding your bike. 1. If you can, get yourself out of the street. It sucks to be hit by a car. It sucks even more to be hit twice. 2. Do a quick systems check — on yourself, not your bike. You’re most important right now. Are you bleeding? Is your helmet cracked? Any other signs that you may have serious injuries? Deal with those first. Everything else here is gravy. Well, except the next thing. 3. Stop screaming and call 9-1-1. I know, you’re not feeling any pain right now. You’re feeling PISSED. But chances are good that said jerk wasn’t trying to run you over and once the adrenaline wears off, you’re gonna feel pain. I promise. It’ll be nice to have a paramedic handy when you do. Also a cop. 4. Get the driver’s name, address, and insurance information, then get names and contact info for anyone who saw the accident. With all due respect to the police, they don’t always look out for the interest of cyclists the way they should. This information could be your key to getting a fair hearing in court, and from the insurance companies should you need to replace your bike or your left elbow. 5. Chill. Find a safe place to sit down and wait for help to arrive. Repeat Step 2. And alright, now it’s OK to look at your bike. But don’t even THINK about jumping back on it and riding home until everything else is cleared up, and you’re sure that the bike still functions properly.
Call me crazy but I've hit cars with my bike. OOOOPS!
man, i wish i had had this info years ago when i got hit for the first time, the second and third time....well, it is what it is. great post man.