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Once Upon a Closet, Emma Swan: 3x18 "Bleeding Through" Emma's wardrobe certainly got a facelift in season three! As much as I love practical no-nonsense Emma, I have to say I love her in more feminine fair like this gorgeous blue silk blouse. The details on it are exquisite, and pairing it with simple black slacks and Emma's ever present black boots keeps it true to the Savior herself. ● Etoile Isabel Marant Shirt in Blue ● Sonoma Life + Style Twill Skinny Pants in Black ● Bandolino Coppa Riding Boot in Black
@sanityscout I agree it is a bit different from her former outfits, but I think it shows a progression of the character. She started incorporating more sophisticated and even "girlie" things into her wardrobe and personally I really like it. As for her date outfit, absolutely!
By the way, @pixiedust...I really hope you do Emma's date night outfit from 4x04, "The Apprentice." She was so cute!
I totally forgot this outfit. It actually differs from her characteristic style, but ties in with the trademark boots. Love it!