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Besides a religious ritual, Idul Adha in Indonesia means a mutton feast. Many families in Indonesia celebrate the day by cooking a variety of mutton-based dishes, most popular are satay or curry. The Bango soy sauce brand and Unilever Indonesia held a culinary presentation and a cooking demonstration last week at the Oasis Restaurant Jakarta presenting three mutton delights from three different regions across the archipelago. Below are three delicious mutton dishes that you might want to try the next time you visit Indonesia. Sate Matang, Aceh Born and raised in Matang Glumpang Dua, a region in Aceh where “sate Matang” originated, Saimun who owns the Sate Matang Cita Rasa stall has been selling the satay (goat meat skewers) for more than 14 years. The major tsunami, which obliterated Aceh as well as Saimun's stall in 2004 didn't stop him from building his business again from scratch and serving the iconic satay in Banda Aceh. The satay is made from good quality fat-less mutton. “We remove all attached fat from the meat and use the fat for the gravy,” Saimun explained. Saimun uses pineapple chunks to remove the strong smell from the mutton as well as to make the meat a little more tender. The satay is then barbecued and smeared with sauce made of spices like garlic, shallots, ginger, turmeric and candleberry. To make the peanut sauce, Saimun mixes peanuts with garlic, cinnamon, pandanus leaves, salam leaves, lemon grass, coconut milk, palm sugar and chilli. A bowl of “kuah soto” (savory gravy soup) is also served to accompany the satay. “We eat the satay with peanut sauce along with a plate of white rice drenched with the soup,” Saimun demonstrated how to eat “sate Matang” properly. If you somehow have a plan to visit Banda Aceh, you can taste the delicious dish at Sate Matang Cita Rasa located on Jl. Sri Ratu Safiatudin, Gampong Peunayong, Banda Aceh. Rabeg, Banten Originating from the Banten region on the western part of Java, “rabeg” is a local mutton dish, which is usually served during the Idul Adha celebration. “Rabeg” has been cooked in Banten for centuries and is said to be Banten’s sultan Maulana Hasanuddin's favorite food. The name itself derives from a city called Rabiq, on the coast of Saudi Arabia. Aulia Rohman who inherited the Rabeg H. Naswi business from his late father has been managing the restaurant since 2007. The restaurant is situated on Jalan Mayor Syafe'i, Serang Banten, and was initiated by his grandmother in 1975. What makes “rabeg” a unique dish is that it uses not only the mutton, but also mixes the goat's innards including its intestines, heart, lungs and liver. To cook “rabeg”, you need to boil the meat and all the innards first in a saucepan for 10 minutes together with cut galangal and salam leaves. After that, you need to remove the white foam from the boiling water to get rid of the goat's unpleasant smell. The boiled meat and innards are then slow-cooked together with spices like shallots, garlic, white pepper, ginger, soy sauce and cinnamon until the gravy soup thickens. “Rabeg” tastes sweet and a little bit spicy and can be enjoyed with white rice. Kambing Bakar Balanga, Gorontalo Famed for its delicious fish-based cuisines, North Sulawesi actually has mutton dishes too, especially in Gorontalo. “Kambing bakar (barbecued mutton) Balanga” is one of the popular dishes you can try while in Gorontalo. Owned by a couple of Arab descent, Hamid Basalamah and Munifah, the “kambing bakar Balanga” dish can be found at the Diva restaurant and is usually served with “nasi kebuli” [spicy steamed rice cooked in mutton broth, milk and ghee], which has a strong Middle Eastern flavor. To make this delicious dish, the mutton needs to be cooked in a very hot skillet. The meat is then seasoned with red chilli, shallots, garlic, ginger, coriander, soy sauce and many other spices. After the meat becomes tender, it is then served with a plate of savory “nasi kebuli”. You can find this “kambing bakar Balanga” at the Diva Restaurant on Jl. Diponegoro, Gorontalo.
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After my Indonesian friend introduced me to their satay skewers, I feel in love with their food.